My name is Chris Fontas and I’ve been a student of the Japanese language for over 14 years.  Language learning and linguistics has always been a passion of mine, and Japanese in my opinion is an especially rich language, especially for a native English speaker such as myself, to explore, as so many of its characteristics, ranging from its grammar and phonology to its sociolinguistics and pragmatics are completely unlike anything you’d find in English or other closely related Germanic or Romance languages like German, Italian or Spanish.

Kuwashii (詳しい or くわしい) is the Japanese word for “detailed”, or “thorough”, and in part describes my intent in creating this blog as a way of delving into detail about various aspects of the language and culture that interest me, and as a way for me to offer some of my own commentary on aspects of the grammar and overall structure of Japanese that I think don’t often get explored in enough depth, leaving them as stumbling blocks for L2 learners striving to improve their overall proficiency.

There is still a lot of content for me to fill out, which will undoubtedly take a lot of time, but I hope that whoever comes across this blog in the meantime finds at least some of the existing content interesting or useful.