Welcome to Kuwashii Japanese!

Kuwashii (詳しい or くわしい) is the Japanese word for “detailed”, “thorough” or “knowledgeable”, and describes the purpose of this blog.

The internet is full of blogs, guides and podcasts dedicated to teaching the Japanese language, many of which are great and have helped me in my studies over the years. However, most tend to shy away from delving too deep into the more difficult and esoteric features of Japanese. Crucial concepts get simplified, ignored or are presented as unimportant in the hopes of not scaring off potential learners by making Japanese seem too difficult.

The truth is, Japanese is a difficult language, and that’s okay! Sometimes it is fun to learn something because it is hard, not in spite of it.

If your goal is to become fluent in Japanese, then you’ll need to dive deep and explore all the nitty gritty details that may seem unnecessary or cryptic, but every native speaker nevertheless intuitively understands.

I hope that this blog can be of some assistance.